Rammin’ Their Way Into a New Market

As the Rams charge towards the greener fields of Los Angeles, the people of St. Louis are left with a massive reminder of the organization they tirelessly supported for the last 20 years.

On Jan. 12, 2016, owners of the 30 NFL teams voted in favor of relocating the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles. After months of uncertainty, the people of St. Louis finally have their answer. The rams will no longer be grazing in the great state of Missouri.

Due to the questionable manner in which the Rams left St. Louis, fans have expressed negative opinions about the newly dubbed Los Angeles Rams. Local Rams fans have fought hard to keep their team in St. Louis. Despite their efforts, and the proposed billion-dollar riverfront stadium, the Rams exited, taking with them a piece of St. Louis’ identity.

Despite the emotions that immediately surface from the organization’s departure, St. Louis still has two other professional sports teams, the Cardinals and the Blues. St. Louis should look at this deal as a blessing in disguise. As more and more cities take out loans and increase taxes in order to fund multi-million (and most recently multi-billion-dollar stadium proposals), residents can now look for new innovative ways to rejuvenate their city without sinking a billion dollars into a stadium they did not need.

St. Louis will likely go through tough times entering a new era without the Rams. As they decide the new direction and appearance of St. Louis, citizens of Los Angeles (Inglewood especially) are optimistic of what the Rams will bring to their city.

The 300-acre development is being promoted as the most innovative and expensive sports complex ever, without it costing the city of Inglewood, or the state of California a dime. The new stadium will be able to seat over 100,000 people and will cost over $2.5 billion to complete. The stadium will be an incomparable illustration of the innovation, wealth and culture that exist in the city of angels.

As Los Angeles football fans welcome back their former team, citizens of Inglewood and the surrounding communities welcome the economic stimulation the new NFL stadium is predicted to bring. Inglewood, a city that just five years ago was on the verge of bankruptcy, is now poised to become a new bustling entertainment district full of restaurants, shops, and housing much like the area surrounding the Staples Center, LA Live.

The new Rams stadium will not be completed until 2019 NFL Season. While the stadium is being built, the people of Inglewood are optimistic that the 22,000 construction jobs, the general attention on Inglewood, and the new stadium will bring development to a city that has patiently waited for a team to return.


– Anthony


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