Are Images Worth a Thousand Words?

For one of my classes this quarter I was tasked with creating a visual representation of an issue I was passionate about.

Growing up near the booming metropolis that is San Francisco, caused me to fall in love with the culture of San Francisco. Everything from the windy Candlestick, to the murals of the Mission District caused me to fall in love with the city by the bay.

In recent years, the San Francisco I grew up with has changed. The 49ers left town for sunny Santa Clara, Pac Bell became AT&T, and the bay bridge received a drastic make-over. Despite the changes to core features of San Francisco, the change residents recognize the most is the influx of techies.

The success of Silicon Valley, and the tech companies it houses has brought distinguishable changes to the San Francisco Bay Area. Housing prices continue to rise, old buildings have been replaced with modern high rises, and technology continues to progress.

While many would see this as signs of success, longtime San Francisco residents view this influx and renovation as a terrible problem. The culture and diversity that originally attracted them to this great city of artisans is slowly being forced out.

For my class I wanted to compile information about Revitalization into an infographic, to show residents of San Francisco – and other cities experiencing similar changes – that Revitalization will and does benefit your community in the long run.


urban-renewal-infographic-conflict-copy (1)

– Anthony


One comment

  1. nathankrettler · March 10, 2016

    This infographic is very well done. You do an excellent job at providing simple visuals to describe something that would normally be very complicated. By just glancing at your infographic I can see the four main points you’re trying to make. My favorite part is how you provide examples of what causes urbanization and then provide a very simple yet creative visual that define what it is.


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