About Me

I am an innovative thinker interested in public relations and video communication. My passion for video production, along with my education from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communications, have led me to pursue a career in public relations.

After following the New York Times’ coverage of the devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal in the spring of 2015, I joined a student-run video production team dedicated to raising earthquake awareness in Oregon. While in Allen Hall Studios, I assisted with the production of “Don’t Wait For the Quake,” a televised seminar dedicated to raising earthquake awareness and encouraging preparation. Over the next 4 months, my team and I worked with earthquake experts and witnesses from around the world in preparation for the event.

I have accumulated a substantial amount of workplace experience in the service industry. My time as an event planner for the University of Oregon Catering Department has taught me key industry skills like accounting, small-team management, location scouting and scheduling. Often tasked with large and premier events, my time at catering allowed me to work with prominent national organizations and events like the NCAA Track and Field Championships, USA Track and Field World Championships, and the 2012 Olympic Trials.

While at the University of Oregon, I have collected and examined qualitative and quantitative data, in order to create a social awareness campaign focused on informing the public of new state and federal policies regarding marijuana legalization.


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