Let’s Give This a Try.

Testing… Testing… Is this thing on?

As I prepare to make my grand entrance into the exciting world of blogging, I have to admit I am a bit nervous but very eager to finally publish my thoughts on a public forum.

Sports? Business? How about a good in-depth blog about stocks? While all of these topics jetted through my mind, for some reason nothing stuck.

All right. So I decided to post online. That’s really cool and all, but what are you going to write about? In the days preceding this posts, I spent hours trying to conceptualize my dream blog. Videos, pictures, and hundreds of comments everyday, the ideal blog. I was moments away from being the next Internet sensation, and oh man, I could feel it. However, trying to decide what I wanted to write about reminded me of a lot of the nights where I was lost sleep trying to decide which college I wanted to attend.

After far more consideration than I had previously thought it would take, I finally settled on my topic.

What I settled on was a rough, and very loosely defined concept of community relations within industries. In this blog I hope to discuss, and ideally facilitate further discussions about the role and the impact of businesses, organizations and corporations within their unique communities. My goal is to fill this blog with weekly posts discussing notable actions of corporations (businesses, organizations, etc.) from different fields all over the world.



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